Creating a map - Linking Excel Table to Illustrator for the purpose of labeling POIS



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    Hi Brad,

    Thank you for your post and questions!

    Sounds like one of the key issues is frequent manual updating via addition and assigning attribute data to an excel table, that could be better with some form of automation perhaps. Your workflow as of now does seem solid, but as you say does run the risk of being time consuming and having a huge potential for error. If you are able to send as the spreadsheet, and an example of the generic points that are being marked on a map and sent to you to include on the map - perhaps there's a pattern or a potential workflow there can be sped up.

    Please reach out to us via email with the files if possible, and if you have more questions, via we'd be happy to help!


    Avenza Support

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  • Stefania Braderi


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